Rob wins grand prize UberSanta in Mazatlan!

God's hand has surely been on this adventure of ours. Today's guest post comes from Rob after winning the grand prize "UberSanta" promotion from Uber and Mastercard. Here's what he had to say about the experience:

God's blessing when least expected... Today I won a 30,000 peso (about $1500 USD) shopping spree just by taking Uber. Uber just recently came to Mazatlan and has made our transition here much easier by allowing us to put our destination address into the app and avoid struggling with the language barrior since we speak very little Spanish. It has been our primary means of transportation since we arrived last month. We heard about the UberSanta promotion through an email (which we had to take the time to translate since it was all in Spanish), but we were already using Mastercard for our Uber rides, so Shay and I both entered the promo code in hopes that we might win a small gift. 

Little did we know that Rob would be the GRAND PRIZE WINNER of a shopping spree at Liverpool, a department store at the mall near by. On the afternoon of December 16th, the day "Uber Santa" was scheduled to be in Mazatlan, Rob ordered an Uber to take him to the local fruteria to get a few things. And then this happened...

More from Rob: Then the day comes and UberSanta actually came and picked me up and took me to Liverpool with a 30,000 peso gift card. I only had 10 minutes to spend the entire 30,000! It was awesome though because my personal laptop had just died the day before, so I got a new laptop, a nice Bose speaker for the house, a DVD player and a bunch of Spanish DVD's for the kids (oh, and a Starbucks gift card for Shay). 

I keep waiting for a video from the lady in the car with Rob, but so far we haven't gotten anything. So for now, the story in words will have to do. We were blessed with Christmas gifts from UberSanta, but the glory goes to our Heavenly Father, who has blessed us and kept us safe during this fun adventure here in Mexico.

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, y Prospero Ano (Happy New Year)


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