Being back

I've been back in Oregon for almost a month. For those of you who haven't followed our travels, my husband and I, along with our 3 kids (age 3, 6 and almost 9) spent the winter living in Mazatlán, Mexico.

(To read more about our reasons for going to Mexico to begin with, click here.)

We returned stateside 🇺🇸 in May, and while my husband had to be back here in Oregon, the kids and I were able to spend a month at my dads property in North Idaho. But now we are all back in the same area where we spent 10 years of our lives together. 

But we aren't living together. And we don't have our wedding rings 💍 on. So of course people are gonna talk. And it sucks that they have to ask my friends "what's going on with us" instead of just asking me.

But I understand that asking can be awkward too so I'm just going to do my best to explain things here:

Rob and I love each other and have probably become better friends over the last year than we have ever been throughout our entire marriage. We both are dealing with crappy stuff that happened to us when we were kids (I know, we all have baggage like this, but sometimes it hits harder than others). We both want what's best for our kids and our family, and right now, we are both better people and parents when we have a little bit of distance between us. 

And that's really the bottom line right now. It's what works for us, and what we believe is the best we can offer our children. 

So don't be haters, or gossipers, and definitely don't be afraid to talk to me about my life.  Yes, it's a little "non-traditional" right now. I'm sorry if that makes you uncomfortable. And yes, I might cry 😭. It's a sad situation that I never dreamed I would be in when I got married 10 years ago. But it's my life right now and the thing I need the most is the love and support of my friends and family. 


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