Cultura Mazatlan

Today, I had the privilege of attending a press release detailing some of the events that Cultural Mazatlan has in store for us this fall. Can I just start out by saying how impressed I am with this organization and what they offer?

Here's a short video that shows many of the great productions that will be offered over the next few months - and you are not going to believe the cost of tickets!? The average price for good seats at an opera for example - 300 pesos (about $17 US).

Jenica and I attended "Il Trovador" on Wednesday night - if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of it in our Instastory (if you don't follow us, head over here and check it out. I post a lot about our daily life here in Mexico on Instragram Stories that never makes it to facebook or the blog.)

Now, I've never considered myself much of an opera fan... in fact, I think I may have only attended one opera in my life, and that was over 15 years ago when I spent the summer in Italy.

When in Rome, ya know...

Anyhow... this opera was much more engaging. It helped immensely that they subtitled the performance in Spanish and in English so we could read what was happening instead of just relying on the actions of the performers. Even my 9 year old was able to follow the story and stay engaged during the 2+ hour performance.

If you are planning a trip to Mazatlan this fall, a show at the Angela Peralta theater is definitely something you don't want to miss.

(And if you aren't planning a trip to Mazatlan, well... you totally should! It is such a fun and affordable city to visit, plus you could see us while you are here.)

Unfortunately, they do not have the capability to sell tickets online just yet, but when you get here, you can go to the Angela Peralta Theater box office just off Plaza Machado, or to the offices of Cultura Mazatlan to get tickets. Cultura Mazatlan will also deliver tickets to your home if you pay in cash, with a 2 day or more advance notice. Contact Lisa at or call 982-4444 and ask for Lisa in Promotion. 

They are also offering a fun new program this year called "Cena con Cultura" (Dinner with Cultura) where your ticket will get you 10% off at participating restaurants on the day of the show. Restaurants include Macaws, Water's Edge, Machado Grill, Pedro y Lola, Gaia, La Tramoya, La Catrina, La Bohemia, Mr. Lionso, Angelina'sKitchen, La Palapa delMar, La Mazatleca, and Il Mosto.

Just another of the many reason we are loving life here in Mazatlan, Mexico. Thanks for following our journey, and we hope to see you down here one of these days!


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