Baby Turtles 🐢

You might have seen our Facebook Live videos or the compilation I put together on YouTube, but I want to tell you the full story.

It was such a crazy, fun experience for our family that we will never forget. We went out to Estrella Del Mar resort to visit our friend from Oregon who was staying there for the week. 

When she booked her stay, I didn’t even realize there was a turtle sanctuary there but as soon as I found out, I knew I had to bring the kids. They had been wanting to see baby turtles ever since we heard about them last November on our first trip to Mazatlán.

This is the time of year that the eggs hatch and we had heard that sometimes the public can participate in releasing the babies into the ocean. 

However, when we arrived at Estrella Del Mar this particular Sunday, we were told that they weren’t releasing them that evening. We were still able to visit the sanctuary though and see some turtles up close in an outdoor pool. The kids loved it! So much so that they asked to go back after spending the afternoon at the pool with Marcy Jo.

We had an hour or so to kill before our ride showed up to take us home, so we headed back over to the sanctuary. There was one lone worker there doing some odds and ends. He didn’t speak English, and as you know our Spanish isn’t great, but we thought he told us they would be releasing turtles at 7pm.

At around 6:45, he came out with a blue bin full of the cutest little baby turtles.... Seriously, they were adorable. He made a hand motion towards the ocean and then he left. 

Like, he went out to his truck and drove away... leaving us all alone with this bucket full of almost endangered babies with no instructions. I was not expecting that, and I think I was worried that somehow we would do something wrong.

We waited about 15 minutes... until 7pm, just in case he was coming back, but alas no one showed up. So we carried our blue bin full of baby turtles down to the beach and one by one, we let them go. We watched them scamper towards the sea on their little tiny baby turtle legs, and then get swept away by the waves.

It will probably be one of the most memorable experiences we have as a family, in this adventure we are on here in Mexico 🇲🇽.

Thanks for following along with us, and if you ever want to come visit... maybe, just maybe, we can release baby turtles together!


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