Somebody pinch me...

Seriously... sometimes I look at my life and think, "Is this for real?"

I'm in my late 30's, and I'm living in one of the best cities in Mexico (in my opinion). Miles of beautiful beaches, delicious fresh seafood, gorgeous weather, and a culture rich in traditions and history.

Affordable healthcare. A safe place for our kids to go to school. The opportunity for them (and us) to learn a second language. 

If I can offer you any single piece of advise, it's this: 

Don't put your dreams off until tomorrow.

Our family is not rich. We didn't win the lottery or inherit a bunch of money. We made conscience decisions and choices that have allowed us to move abroad for a season and live the life of our dreams now, while we are still young enough to enjoy it.

Sure, we could have waited... continued working long hours so we could fund the retirement account, pay the mortgage, save for college, ect. But we choose to live this life now... because the future has no guarantees and personally, I don't want to look back with regret on what could have been.

What can you do today to make your dreams a reality? 


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