11 days old

Things are going well at the Bachelder's house as we settle into our new role as parents and Jenica continues to adjust to life outside the womb. She came to church for the second time with us on Sunday and did wonderfully, sleeping through all the loudness of worship and service. She had her second doctor visit today and she is back to her birth weight of 7lbs 9 oz. She did really good today despite the prick in the heal she had to get from the nurse for the second part of her PKU test. She shouldn't have to go back now until she's two months old - by then it will be time for her first round of immunizations. She enjoys a little "tummy time" every day on the fun little mat that Wayne and Carol got for her (pictured below) - good practice at strengthening her neck and arm muscles - and continues to look cute in just about anything, especially the super cute hand-me-downs from her cousin Kayla. Thanks Cuz!


cheri said…
I think you are looking especially beautiful in this picture Shay! And that doll sitting on your lap sure is adorable, too! What a treat to get such cute dress-ups passed along.

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