Home from the hospital...

Jenica got to see her new home for the first time today. We came home from the hospital about noon today and started to get settled in. She's still doing really well, sleeps alot, and got to meet Kylo for the first time today. Mom and Dad are doing great too and are looking forward to showing her off at church tomorrow. More pictures are posted on facebook if your interested. Love, The Bachelders


cheri said…
Welcome Home Jenica!
You look so cute exploring your new surroundings and meeting Kylo from that safe place right next to your Father's Heart!
So sorry I missed your call last evening Shay. (I have a new phone and I guess I am not as tuned into recognizing the ring tone amidst other noises because I have been missing calls even when I am available!) Try me again today when it is convenient for you.

joi said…
Finally Kylo got in on all the action:)

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