First Doctor Visit

Jenica had her first doctor visit yesterday and she's doing wonderfully. She's gained an ounce and a half since leaving the hospital and looks happy and healthy. There were no unpleasantries at this visit like shots or tests - those will be at her next check-up a week from now. We'll see how well mom deals with these, it's harder than I expected to hear her cry. We were able to take a short walk to visit co-workers (Shay's work is only 2 blocks away) who have been anxiously awaiting her arrival for months now and even made a quick stop at Fred Meyer to get some pictures printed for great-grandma in California. Last night went really well. She woke up about every 3 hours to eat and then went right back to sleep allowing mom and dad a very restful night. We just fall more in love with her every day!


Amy said…
I was just gonna let you know that I plan on taking baby sitters classes at the Molalla Library. Maybe you could take it with me? It's $48 dollars and it's from like 11-15 year olds but maybe if we tell them you're my sister in law or something they'll let us both take it together. Let me know sometime. Lots of love to you, Rob, and Jenica.

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