Fun on the Bedient Family Farm

We had a great visit with Rhianna, Josh and Kayla over the weekend at their new home in Port Orchard, Washington. Josh and Rob spent most of their time in the basement working on 'manly' projects and I was able to relax and take lots of super cute pictures of my adorable niece. However, my plan to go into labor on labor day just didn't seem to happen. Our little bun in the oven is apparantly still cooking as I've had no signs of labor just yet. Next doctors appointment is Thursday - the day before her "official" due date. Maybe she's going to be very punctual just like her mom and arrive exactly as planned on September 5th :).


Anonymous said…
Lemme know when she arrives. I want to visit you in the hospital. Have you chosen a name yet? I am serious about babysitting for you guys. I would be happy to.
Kathy Boyd said…
That comment was from me.


Sorry didn't mean to make it annonymous
Shay said…
Thanks Kathy! I thought that was you but thanks for clarifying :)
joi said…
punctual already...:) guess it is something someone is born with.
Anonymous said…
Cute house Josh and Rhianna bought.

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